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Born in Maitland in 1973.

Had a bitter dispute with invisible friend in 1977, moved to Kurri Kurri in 1978.

Kurri Primary Infants and Primary School 1979 – 1985, obsessed with learning, music, sport, and learning. Read encyclopaedias as a hobby.

Kurri High School – 1986 – 1990 a sports loving, music loving, authority hating teenager. Quite interested in comedy and computers, programmed games in GW Basic.

Left after completing year 11, despite being kinda academic. I required finances to fund my surfing, music, partying lifestyle.

Apprentice Fitter & Turner, Tubemakers Structural, 1991 – 1995, surfed (as best I could, not good), played bass and sung in a band, we didn’t go far. Spent a heck of a lot of time at One Mile Beach and surrounds being accepted by good friends and being part of a memorable community centred at what was then called Sandfort Caravan Park (now One Mile Beach Holiday Park). Moved from family at Kurri Kurri to New Lambton.

Moved to Sydney after being accepted into a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW – 1995 – 1999, double major English and Sociology, bit of music and history along the way. Lived at Newtown, Lewisham, Petersham, & Dulwich Hill.

Went a bit mad trying to experience everything good and bad. Worked at a pub, the Masonic Hotel in Petersham, starting out bar work, the supervisory, then assistant managing. Great pub, incredible community, where everyone knows your name.

Did quite well at Uni, went on to do honours studying the works of Jack Kerouac and, to a lesser extent, Ginsberg & Burroughs. Wrote a thesis equating the works of Kerouac, specifically, Doctor Sax, to the work of the Romantics: Colleridge, Wordsworth, and Keats, claiming a similar rejection of poetic and literary form as a symbol of a rejection of traditional society and an organic new movement of creativity lead by the tenent that “The child is father to the man”. Kerouac in Doctor Sax, as the child character, demonstrated that the mind of the child unburdened by stains of societal and cultural influence was closer to being able describe the truth and real than the adult.

But anyway.

Four fifths of my Sydney living was great, the fifth fifth was so unpleasant that it lead me to move back home, this time to Nelson Bay where, having graduated, I worked in pubs and clubs and attempted to get work in Newcastle in advertising knocking on doors and talking to a few of the “gurus” of the late 90s. This didn’t work.

Ended up some how applying for a job as town coordinator of Kurri Kurri, was deemed to inexperienced for that but they were impressed that a former Kurri Kurri High drop out managed to get a trade and a Bachelors with honours degree, and took me home to work in the Business Enterprise Centre.

HyperWeb Communications was born in July or August 2000. Then it was called B.U.M. Media. I did start it as a kind of half arsed enterprise, but i thought it might seat itself in peoples minds. Get it? Anyhoo…

My employer encouraged me and allowed me to market website development as a service for the start-up and micro business clientele of the BEC as a sub-contract. This allowed me to earn a few dollars and build up a clientele, a portfolio and good will.

In 2003 I left the BEC to take up an opportunity at Port Stephens Council as Coordinator of it’s Community Technology Centre, known as the Port Stephens Telecentre. This gave me awesome and valuable experience in Local Government, network building, State Government experience, volunteer development and community, not for profit, service. Meanwhile B.U.M. Media was incorporated into HyperWeb Communications Pty Ltd.

I met my wife in 2003, I randomly moved into a spare room in her house in 2004, I fell in love with her and thankfully we started a relationship which took us into knowing and loving each other, forming and solidifying friendships, being part of new familes, travelling the world, and being married in 2007.

HyperWeb was kinda slow and I was happy about it. I started a Master of Business & Technology at UNSW, to date I have completed study in Project Management, Information Systems Management, People Management, Marketing, Economics, eBusiness Strategy & Management, Corporate Finance, Managing Agile Organisations, Managing for Organisational Sustainability, Managing Organisational Resources, Management of Innovation & Technologal Change, and Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation.

HyperWeb got very busy and a challenge to manage but thanks to some very talented sub-contractors was able to produce some great products and leverage that work to future growth.

I took the opportunity to move from Telecentre Coordinator at Port Stephens Council into a new Economic Development Unit as the Economic Development Officer. I saw this as a great way to use my latent business knowledge, the learnings from my post-grad studies, and my passion for Port Stephens and apply it to a positive influence to the area.

I maintained an kinda obsessive learning trait, and have learned to stumble through 5 foreign languages: french, italian, spanish, mandarin, & german.

We had our first child Caitlin who was born in July 2010, this has marked a new life for us all and one which I am super proud and feel very privileged and fortunate to be a part of.

A restructure resulted in a redundancy and I took on my company on a full time basis in late 2011. At the same time I completed my Master of Business & Technology and graduated from the Australian Graduate School of Business, University of New South Wales in March 2012.

Throughout this kinda mundane but very proud path, I have had the extreme fortune of incredibly close, tight and loving family, and fun and valuable friends with whom memories abound of good times and personal growth and learning.

That is my story so far, it isn’t all the story, but I guess it is the major elements that describe who I am.

More to come of course.

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